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PEI, amber colours

PEI (polyetheramide) is a highly stable and thermoplastic polymer which can be used at long term temperatures of up to 170°C. ZELLAMID® 1000 is low-inflammable (Class V-0 to UL 94) and displays little smoke build-up.

ZELLAMID® 1000 is very good for highly loaded applications at increased temperature and offers first class electrical insulation values which are stable over a wide temperature range and frequency range. Furthermore ZELLAMID® 1000 is resistant to many chemicals and also hydrolysis, however the resistance is dependent on the stress condition.

ZELLAMID® 1000 is suitable for repeated autoclave cycles in as much as this is often required in medical applications for frequent sterilisation.

ZELLAMID® 1000 is used in many industries such as, for example medicine technology, electronics and semi-conductor areas or automobile and aircraft industries.


Unfilled PEI is also available on request in black (ZELLAMID® 1000 SW)


Diameter Standard Length
mm mm
10–125 3,000


Thickness Width Length
mm mm mm
10–125 1,000 2,000

For further information regarding standard or special dimensions, please download our catalogue or contact your ZELLAMID® sales expert.


ZELLAMID® 1000 GF30 is PEI material with an extremely favourable weight/strength ratio.

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