Ergonomic and flexible workstations

in the Zell-Metall company

26 March 2022

Developments in recent years have greatly changed the way we work, especially in office workplaces.
Home offices and web meetings have become an integral part of everyday office life, and modern
workplaces require a high degree of flexibility in order to meet the central requirement - the health of the
employee. Zell-Metall has reacted to this and redesigned numerous office workplaces at the Kaprun site as 
ergonomic, open and bright workplaces, height-adjustable desks and good monitor equipment are essential
components, in order to accommodate the musculoskeletal health of our employees, even during longer
working days.

The switch to notebooks in docking stations together with MS O365 teams and headsets makes it possible to
easy use of all resources with ideal networking in the team, whether in the home office or in the office.
Web meetings and internal telephone calls are handled simply and easily with this solution. This means that even
physical distances are no longer an obstacle.

The combination of flexible modern workstations together with the flexitime arrangements introduced last year '
gives employees the freedom to invest their working timeand energy more efficiently and in a more concentrated
manner. The exchange of ideas in our team, additionaladditional rooms have been equipped with workshop equipment 
and digital media. With this new design of our workplaces, the possibility of sharing resources in so-called shared offices"
will be no limits set in the future.

Of course, we will further continue to improve the office workplaces and we want to implement approaches such
as "paper reduction in the office", "digital telephony" and "open spaces".