Generation change

in the Zell-Metall Group

22 October 2020

In family businesses, succession is often a great challenge. Since a generational change cannot
happen overnight, KR DI Wilhelm Klepsch and KR Mag. Nick Kraguljac have been developing a young
management team since 2016.
It takes good preparation and time to hand over all the tasks of a globally active corporation, to pass on
decades of experience and to teach the new managers the necessary expertise. And you also need a
quantum of luck to find the right people - and all of them from the Pinzgau region!
The new management team consists of Mr. Klaus Minichberger from Kaprun, who as CFO is responsible for
financial management. From Taxenbach comes Mr. Dipl.-Ing. Johann Obersamer, who is now the technical
managing director. The direct successor of Kraguljac is Mag. Dipl.-Ing. Erich Buchner who is well prepared
for his tasks and takes over the commercial management.
However, a changing of the guard also means letting go, trusting young, motivated people and putting
your life's work into other hands. With this in mind, KR Mag. Nick Kraguljac is ending his professional
engagement in the Zell-Metall Group after forty-two years and has also resigned from his management
position. The date of his resignation has been planned since 2017 and has been agreed and coordinated
with his cousin KR DI Wilhelm Klepsch, Chairman of the Board of the Klepsch Group. Klepsch will remain
managing partner. Nick Kraguljac will pursue other tasks within and outside the plastics industry and will
continue to be involved in the Pinzgau region in Salzburg, Vienna and Brussels.
The new management: Left to right: DI Erich Buchner, Dipl.-Ing. Johann Obersamer,
KR Dipl.-Ing. Wilhelm Klepsch, LLM.OEC Klaus Minichberger