Engineering Plastic Stock Shapes


PET, natural / black

PET is a partly crystalline thermoplastic Polyester based on Polyethylene-Terephthalate.
This material features outstanding dimensional stability as it is virtually unaffected by
ambient moisture. A low coefficient of friction and excellent wear resistance combined with
low creep and high modulus make this the choice material for moving parts. Hot water resistance
is low but it has better resistance to acids than Nylon or Acetal. ZELLAMID® 1400
is produced without centreline porosity and is approved for contact with food (BfR, FDA
and EU 10/2011). As it is more rigid than otherthermoplastics, please consult our machining

Bushings and bearings, gears, cams, mandrels, manifolds, wear strips, hamburger and nugget
dies, food piston pumps, valves and valve bodies,feeder blocks, filter tracks, electrical insulators, etc.

On request unfilled PET-C is available in black as ZELLAMID® SW.


Diameter Standard Length
mm mm
6 – 200 3.000


Thickness Width Length
mm mm mm
2 – 6 1.000 2.000
8 – 80 610 / 1000 2.000
90 – 120 610 2.000


Outer diameter Inner diameter Length
mm mm mm
25 – 210 10 – 160 3.000

For further information regarding standard or special dimensions, please download our catalogue or contact your ZELLAMID® sales expert.