Engineering Plastic Stock Shapes


PEI, amber colours / black

PEI is a high strength amorphous thermoplastic polymer and performs in continuous
use up to 170 °C paired with an excellent flame resistance (UL 94 V-0) and low smoke

ZELLAMID® 1000 is ideal for high strength plus high heat applications and those requiring
excellent electrical insulating properties which are stable over wide ranges of temperature
and frequency. It is hydrolysis resistant, highly resistant to a broad range of chemicals, though
chemical resistance is strongly dependent on stress.

ZELLAMID® 1000 is capable of withstanding repeated autoclaving cycles.

PEI is also resistant to gamma radiation. It excels in medical reusable applications
requiring repeated sterilization and dimensional stability and low creep.

Good impact resistance, although chemical attack under stress might lead to cracking.

Medical, electrical, electronic and semiconductor, automotive, aerospace and specialty

Load-bearing components, structural probes, microwave applications, replacing glass
in medical lamps, reusable medical devices, manifolds resistant to daily sanitation,
high voltage circuitbreaker housings, electrical insulators, electrical hardware components,
integrated-circuit chip carriers for accelerated testing at high temperatures,
non-combustible plenum connectors, high-temperature bobbins, coils and fuse
blocks, under the hood automotive components, connector clamps for printedwiring
boards, jet-engine components.

Unfilled PEI is also available on request in black (ZELLAMID®  1000 SW)


Diameter Standard Length
mm mm
6 – 200 3.000


Thickness Width Length
mm mm mm
6 – 100 1.000 2.000

For further information regarding standard or special dimensions, please download our catalogue or contact your ZELLAMID® sales expert.