Engineering Plastic Stock Shapes


PEEK, brown

PEEK is a high-temperature-resistant thermoplastic and can be used continuously up
to 260° C also in hot water or steam. It displays outstanding mechanical performance
in both high temperature and cryogenic conditions.

ZELLAMID® 1500 X offers advantages in the electric and electronic industries as well as in
the semiconductor industries.

This special PEEK product displays high temperature resistance and impact strength. In addition
it is a superior material when it comes to costeffectiveness. When exposed to a flame there is
Very low smoke and toxic gas emission.

Unfilled ZELLAMID® 1500 X stock shapes are compliant for food contact (BfR, FDA andEU 10/2011).

The material also resists a wide range of solvents and organic solvents. It is selfextinguishing and
carries a flammability UL 94 V-0 rating.

ZELLAMID® 1500 X has a balanced profile of properties such as low level of creep combined with high
modulus of elasticity. PEEK is a high strength alternative to Fluorpolymers featuring better performance
in wear and abrasion applications. It is a material with outstanding tribological properties.

Food processing, aerospace, automotive, defence, electronics and semiconductor, oiland gas, nuclear-
and hydropower, vacuum, medical, wire and cable production.

Plastic valves and rings in compressor applications, bearings, seals, precision cutting blades, energy
efficient pumps, piston units, washers, bearings, transmission components, braking and air-conditioning
systems, actuators, gears and electronic sensors, impeller wheels for pumps, centrifugalpump wear
parts, CMP rings, wafer carriers, etch rings, gaskets, wafer chucks,backend components, test sockets,
fastenersand wands grips.

PEEK is on request also available in black as ZELLAMID ® 1500 XSW.



Diameter Standard Length
mm mm
5 – 160 3.000


Thickness Width Length
mm mm mm
8 – 60 1.000 2.000

For further information regarding standard or special dimensions, please download our catalogue or contact your ZELLAMID® sales expert.