Engineering Plastic Stock Shapes


PA 6, high viscosity, natural

ZELLAMID® 202 HV is an unreinforced, high viscosity Polyamid 6.

In comparison to the normal PA 6 it has higher mechanical values, for example an E-modulus of 3000 MPa (acc. to ISO 527, dry).

ZELLAMID® 202 HV has a higher impact resistance, also at very low temperatures. The charpy impact strength test has a result with
no break at room temperature, the notched test has a value of 9 kJ/m2.

ZELLAMID® 202 HV is tested according to UL 94 with HB. Humidity absorption and dimensional stability is nearly the same as ZELLAMID® 202.

ZELLAMID® 202 HV is suitable for various engineering elements and building machine parts. Especially applications which require
high impact strength at lower temperatures are designated for the use of ZELLAMID® 202 HV . This material is also perfect for applications,
when recoil or split-off is a critical issue.


Diameter Standard Length
mm mm
30 –160 3,000

For further information regarding standard or special dimensions, please download our catalogue or contact your ZELLAMID® sales expert.