Responsibility for our planet through foresighted and sustainable action

Scarcity of natural resources, exploding growth of the world population
and threatening changes to our climate.

These headlines from all over the world reach us every day from the media. The Zell Metall GmbH
and its employees have set themselves the goal with their company policy of sustainably improving 
to protect and preserve valuable nature and the environment for future generations.

Ongoing research and development in the field of Zell Metall, for example, makes it possible to
to develop new semi-finished plastics on partly biobased co-polymers. This environmentally friendly
Production of these materials helps to conserve precious resources.

The topic of recycling is also becoming more and more important for us, and Zell Metall is
constantly striving to improve and increase the plastic cycles during production.
This gives our customers price advantages and relieves the environment.