Environmental Protection

For over 60 years the production of Zell-Metall GmbH products has been carried out with the highest
precision on the most modern extrusion lines, all designed for high-quality and low stress materials. 
Zell-Metall Engineering Plastics are committed to sustainability and the following is a glimpse into
their sustainability program and actions:

  • 100% electricity made from water (ecological) for production
  • A closed water-cooling system with water clearing devices (osmotic cleaning)
  • No landfill, all materials are either recycled or reused or thermal converted
  • Palettes made from wood of the region / district
  • Raw-material cycle, internally and externally
  • 100% electrically powered forklift trucks

All processes are under permanent optimization control

Hans Winterleitner
Zell-Metall Engineering Plastics
Chair of the EPDA Sustainability Committee