Zell-Metall and ZL unveil production facility in the USA

Extrusion lines for POM-C and POM-H

Ten years after the founding of our sales and distribution branch ZL Engineering Plastics, Inc. we have started up an extrusion facility in Lenexa (Kansas) in response to growing North American demand. The additional production capability is the first phase of a strategic plan to grow the stock shape business in North America.

Since the beginning of September 2012, POM-C and POM-H stock shapes – sold as ZL™ 900 and ZL™ 900 H in North America – are extruded in Lenexa. Further products are to follow soon.

„We’re excited about establishing this new extrusion facility because it enables us to meet increasing customer demand while also reducing lead times in North America,“ said Eric Giesen, sales and marketing director for ZL Plastics. “This is an important first step that will unlock key business opportunities and firmly position us for future growth.”

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