Welcome to Zell-Metall GmbH!

For over 70 years the production of our products has been carried out with the highest precision on the most modern extrusion lines, all designed for high-quality and low stress materials. The raw material used is supplied by the worlds leading producers and quality is constantly monitored. The technical plant equipment is predominantly constructed and built in-house by SENO Spezialmaschinen (earlier Senova Maschinenbau). A constant research and development strategy with new materials, many patents, as well as the experience over all these years in plastic processing ensures a problem free machining and reprocessing of ZELLAMID® semi-finished stock shapes.

Zell-Metall Ges.m.b.H. Engineering Plastics'  core business is manufacturing engineering plastic stock shapes (extrusion method) made from various formulations of Nylons (PA 6), Acetals (POM), PET, PEEK and HPMs.

We earn your business by providing you with exceptional high levels of quality, performance and production standards. Together with our strong creative drive for innovation, research and development our exceptional service, ZELLAMID® rod, plate, tubular bar and flexible tubes offer the better alternative in respect of the future.

Ever since the introduction of plastics, man has continuously identified more and more applications where plastics might substitute for previously existing materials, such as wood, metals and glass. Plastics offer the advantages of easy machinability, handling and fabrication. Due to the low specific gravity of most plastics the cost per part are often lower than the cost of parts made of traditional materials.

Some plastics are highly resistant to many chemicals, electrolytic conversion and certainly rust. The information on this website is intended to be used as a guide for designers, engineers, distributors, and end users. This publication is to be used as a guide only. We are committed to ongoing research and development in new technologies. Accurate quality control and a cost efficient production of more than 56,000 tonnes a year ensures a leading place for the Klepsch Group in the world market.