The Landscape forms its people

Humans think, feel, act and react. Only humans can put machines or electronic "things" into
motion. Humans transform ideas into products. In today´s electronic era even the most automated
factory needs people. Modern machines are useless without people who understand their function
and who are ready to commit themselves to successful, quality oriented production.

People still determine the quality of output . People and their actions are affected by their environment.
At first the factories´ location far from large cities or the concentration of industries seems to be a handicap
and it doesn't seem logical that a high tech factory could be located successfully in one of the most beautiful
parts of the Austrian Alps, in the middle of Europe. However, if one considers that people are responsible for
our success, it begins to make sense.

Beautiful surroundings appeal to the kind of people who appreciate the harmony and beauty of nature. People
who work in these surroundings tend to find solutions. One could say that a positive mental attitude allows
people to transform certain difficulties like distance to the user or transport to the markets into advantages.
We believe our beautiful location encourages a positive mental attitude.